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Yves Boudreau speaks with Mark Thiele of IDCA on Edge Technology

Yves Boudreau,VP of Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy at EDGE GRAVITY recorded a new podcast with IDCA Technical Standards Committee member Mark Thiele on edge technology and its impact on not only the IT industry but also how technology will push even more change in our world.

The International Data Center Authority (IDCA) has been established to streamline, structure, educate and give direction to the “data” center industry. IDCA’s core mission is to aid in standardizing the approach, selection, design, feasibility, operation, and various processes and methodologies of the Application Ecosystem®. Formed by data center industry veterans who realized the problems facing the industry and decided to do something about it, IDCA has perceptively identified the gaps and shortcoming of the rapidly evolving data center industry. Hence, while it brings together the best-of-breed practices and principles currently existing within the industry, it caters to the data center stakeholder the proper outlook of it on a broader-scale as well as in-depth details of the data center purpose, discipline, and organization

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