Deploying Containerized Apps at the Edge (or Anywhere)

Deploying Containerized Apps at the Edge (or Anywhere)

Welcome to our new blog series: Edge Cloud Thought Leadership. This collection of blogs will focus on new technologies and industry leaders in the edge computing market as way to educate a broad IT audience in the future capabilities at the edge.

Company: Rafay Systems

Rafay enables developers to automate the distribution, operations, cross-region scaling and lifecycle management of containerized microservices across public and private clouds, and service provider networks.

Rafay CEO and Co-Founder Haseeb Budhani on the fundamental shift in computing based based on the emergence of personalized applications requiring substantially lower latency than is expected in current infrastructure models. A new edge cloud industry is emerging to meet new service requirements including low latency.

Podcast highlights:
• Building an application deployment platform as close to the Edge as possible
• Supporting containers, microservices (move latency sensitive parts of app to Edge) and availability of infrastructure
• Definition of Edge
• Issues of massive amount of data at the Edge to be handled – Use Cases
• Will Edge suffer from device specific infrastructure needs?
• Application bottlenecks and impact of cloud locations and end user
• Placement control of services is still an open issue based on user requirements
• IT infrastructure and ownership and performance issues (IT vs Operation Teams)
• Cloud and Edge are not competitive; they work together to offer applications best fit

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