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Streaming Games to the Edge without Dedicated Hardware

Welcome to our new blog series: Edge Cloud Thought Leadership. This collection of blogs will focus on new technologies and industry leaders in the edge computing market as way to educate a broad IT audience in the future capabilities at the edge.

Company: Blacknut

Blacknut aims to fundamentally change the video game industry by creating a service where users can access a vast catalog of curated games, play without limit across all devices, and no longer have the need for dedicated hardware, all for a simple subscription.

Using the latest cloud computing technology, Blacknut digitizes video games, delivering them through the cloud directly to smart devices such as televisions, tablets, and phones or through devices like set-top boxes and dongles.

Blacknut CEO Olivier Avaro talks about their use of edge computing to enhance their game streaming offering. The video is in French; press CC for English captions

Podcast Highlights:

  • Working at a Gaming Company
  • Game Streaming and Experience
  • Elimination of H/W Limitations for Modern Games
  • Delivery of Game from Cloud vs Edge
  • More than 50% of 5G traffic expected to be Gaming
  • Edge/Cloud Infrastructure Requirements
  • Virtualized Game Platform
  • Challenges in Building the Blacknut Platform

To see more thought leadership videos from the Global Edge Forum event visit our YouTube playlist: Global Edge Forum 2019.

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