EDGE GRAVITY is already changing what’s possible, with live, real edge computing applications including Edge-CDN, Online Gaming Acceleration, SD-Core and Low Latency True Live Over The Top Video. And we’re ready to power the edge applications and user experiences of the future – utilizing 5G, fixed, and wireless networks, give your applications an edge – with EDGE GRAVITY by Ericsson.

Edge CDN

With Edge Cloud Platform sites deployed in broadband service provider networks; we enable the ability to create global, national or regional content delivery networks. We aggregate these sites towards the content provider industry providing a web-scale edge service offering Broadband service providers can also leverage this infrastructure in a Shared CDN model to distribute their own content services (Shared CDN).

Online Gaming Acceleration

The internet was not designed for real time making it difficult for gamers to participate in real time live apps like gaming. The Edge Cloud Platform improves performance and online experience for users of real-time, interactive applications.


SD-CORE takes SD-WAN’s software-defined edge control and brings it to the network core. The ideal SD-CORE is a carrier-grade global network purely built using software components. It must offer customers flexibility and reliability — while remaining affordable. This isn't possible without replacing today’s network control with something much better.


Real Edge Computing