Shared CDN

Shared CDN

Shared CDN allows Service Providers to participate in the revenue flow connected to delivery of video and other high-capacity services.

Media Delivery

Delivery of large file video and software assets. The Media Delivery service enables customers to deliver large files including video and software binaries to end users around the world.

Secure Delivery (HTTPS)

Delivering content with a SSL certificate. The Secure Delivery value added option allows customers to use their private SSL certificate in order to securely deliver content over the UDN platform.

Token Authentication

Token Authentication allows customers to limit content access with a URL token value. This unique token value is embedded in the URL by the customer’s origin website that, in turn, is used by the delivery platform to enforce access rights to the underlying asset.

Content Targeting

Geographic and network-based permission. Content Targeting enables customers to create restrictive policies around content distribution. The targeting feature interrogates the end user’s IP address and makes intelligent decisions based on their geographic and network attributes.


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