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Multi-Cloud Data Management at the Edge

Welcome to our new blog series: Edge Cloud Thought Leadership. This collection of blogs will focus on new technologies and industry leaders in the edge computing market as way to educate a broad IT audience in the future capabilities at the edge.

Company: Kmesh.

Kmesh delivers a simple SaaS solution that lets you orchestrate all your application data from a single global namespace – regardless of its physical, logical or legal location. We provide line-of-business professionals and service providers with the best way to deploy apps and support them with data, anywhere.

Kmesh CEO Jeff Kim talks how we are progressing from public to hybrid cloud in terms of the same process occurring for edge. He also comments on how we need to create distributed data ponds as services move to the edge; we can no longer develop on the old centralized data model.

Jeff Kim discusses in depth the challenges of stateful data at the edge and how Kmesh is architecting a new platform to meet these data issues for the edge: both edge-to-cloud and edge-to-edge.

To see more thought leadership videos from the Global Edge Forum event visit our YouTube playlist: Global Edge Forum 2019.

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