Does EDGE GRAVITY have a newsletter I can subscribe to? 

Stay up to date on all things EDGE GRAVITY and edge computing by subscribing to our newsletter. Just fill out the form below to add your email to our newsletter database.

What events is EDGE GRAVITY attending? 

The EDGE GRAVITY team actively sponsors, attends, and presents at various conferences and tradeshows globally to share our edge vision and learn from customers and partners on how better to meet our joint customer needs. Visit our Event page.

If you would like EDGE GRAVITY to sponsor or speak at your event please contact us at


The EDGE GRAVITY team is actively looking for creative and talented individuals to join our team to change the way customers engage with technology as it moves from centralized computing to distributed edge availability. Current openings.

What is the relationship with Limelight Networks? 

On October 19, 2018 Limelight Networks and Ericsson EDGE GRAVITY announced a collaboration to deliver CDN and additional edge services on the EDGE GRAVITY UDN platform. (Announcement)

What is EDGE GRAVITY’s relationship to Ericsson? 

EDGE GRAVITY by Ericsson is a corporate entity owned by Ericsson as part of the Business Area Technology and Emerging Business unit.


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