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Edge Cloud – Powering Digital Transformation

Welcome to our new blog series: Edge Cloud Thought Leadership. This collection of blogs will focus on new technologies and industry leaders in the edge computing market as way to educate a broad IT audience in the future capabilities at the edge.

Mobile World Congress Session – Edge IT: Powering Digital Transformation

In a digital age, your business possibilities have no limits and neither should your IT. Your customers, employees and partners are dispersed over more geographic locations, consuming more data, using a multitude of devices and expecting more than ever. Various forces and opportunities are driving this change at the Internet and Telco edge, requiring you to re-architect your infrastructure to answer to this call. To succeed, you need to build your digital infrastructure where it can scale to match your opportunities, and where you tap into ecosystems that will drive and deliver value. Equinix is expanding our global platform for digital business physically and virtually around the world and working with ecosystem partners to enable you to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone and integrate everything. Build and partner here, and you can go anywhere. Please join us for our panel discussion with Ericsson’s Edge Gravity and Haste for an open dialogue about:

  • Disruption at the Edge
  • Forces driving change
  • Ecosystem collaboration for success

The event session is broken down into several videos for faster consumption of information based on interest.

Jim Poole, Equinix

Jim tells the history of Equinix at Ashburn, VA to build a new data center for a proper ecosystem with content providers and ISPs. From there he talks about financial networks and the algorithmic trading services bringing them to a single data center. Equinix currently has 200+ data centers around the world with 300,000+ interconnects.


Alan presents EDGE GRAVITY’s perspective on edge cloud and where the future of edge is between existing public clouds and the end users at the service provider edge. This new infrastructure layer will deliver exceptionally low latency applications for customer consumption in ways we have not yet begun to understand.

Paul Dawes, Mode

Paul discusses Mode’s focus on the enterprise wide area network market using EDGE GRAVITY and Equinix infrastructure. They provide a software defined core that SD-WAN does for the edge of the network.

Panel Discussion

Jim sits with Alan and Paul to discuss various topics in edge cloud, telecommunications, and infrastructure for next generation services.

To see more thought leadership videos from the Global Edge Forum event visit our YouTube playlist: Global Edge Forum 2019.

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