Edge Cloud for Dummies

The Edge Cloud is not like a Public or Private Cloud. This guide can help you understand the difference.

Although the edge cloud delivers “cloud-like capabilities,” it is not simply a smaller version of a public or private cloud. Public and private cloud resources are increasingly being consumed as commodity resources that are, for all intents and purposes, considered to be infinite. The edge cloud, in contrast, delivers premium resources that are highly distributed and typically hierarchical in nature, depending on the topology of the service provider network.

Learn About the Benefits of the Edge Cloud.

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This guide is helpful to understand how edge cloud is aligned with public cloud and generating new set of opportunities and business use cases.


Both users and operators need to get beyond the buzz-words and understand the concepts driving IoT and location-sensitive computing.  Good education is critical because Edge in the coming decade will be as impactful and disruptive as Cloud was in the twenty-teens.

Rob Hirschfeld


Co-Founder and CEO, RackN


The Edge Cloud represents the next evolution of cloud computing with its unique geo distributed architecture.  The opportunity is unprecedented but to take advantage of it, we all need a resource that explains in concise and easy way - the promise, potential and capabilities of the edge cloud. This book does an excellent job of preparing a reader for their edge cloud journey.

Chetan Vankatesh


CEO and President, Macrometa

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