Global Edge Cloud

Service Providers
Global telecom companies connecting to our Edge Cloud Platform allowing service delivery via their last mile network to their customers

Edge Technology Vendors
Content and Application providers delivering customized edge services taking advantage of the global customer reach of the ecosystem and performance benefits of services running at the edge

How it works for service providers

  • EDGE GRAVITY places caching nodes deep within the operator network
  • EDGE GRAVITY shares service revenues with Service Providers for access to their last mile network
  • EDGE GRAVITY enables Service Provider visibility and control of OTT content flowing within their network
  • EDGE GRAVITY enables Service Providers an opportunity to expose operator specific functionality to Edge Technology Vendors in a uniform manner

How it works for edge technology vendors

  • EDGE GRAVITY brokers network deployments across multiple Service Provider last mile delivery networks providing a one-stop shop for global delivery
  • EDGE GRAVITY provides a single interface for support, reporting, configuration and SLA management
  • EDGE GRAVITY gives Edge Technology Vendors transparency and visibility to make informed business decisions
Our Partners Tell our Story
Service Providers
Elisabeth Romano, CTO of Telecom Italia
Hakan Eriksson, CTO of Telstra
Edge Technology Vendors
Paul Dawes, CEO of Mode
Lynn Perry, CEO of Haste
Real Edge Computing

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