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Meeting customers where they are, not where the cloud is.

edge cloud thought leadership

A series of insightful writing exploring the Edge Cloud.

the role of edge computing in 5g

Watch this exciting webinar explore how to harness edge computing for 5G success.

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Who is Edge Gravity?

  • Edge Cloud Platform
  • Global Ecosystem of Service Providers and Edge Technology Partners
  • Global Customer Reach at their Edge
  • Bringing the Internet to the Customer at the Edge

the edge can provide a better user experience

congestion is increasing

Explosive growth of new applications, devices and services on the Internet are driving an unprecedented increase in traffic which can result in:

  • More Congestion
  • More Delays
  • More Complexity
  • Unhappy Customers

responsiveness is critical

Moving the Internet closer to the customer not only solves network congestion associated with long round-trips, but also enables an entirely new class of services:

  • Substantial Latency Reduction
  • Optimal Data Processing
  • Highly Interactive Experience
  • Happy Customers

service provider edge cloud

  • Global Service Providers have the Infrastructure in Place

  • Billions of IoT Devices at the Edge Need Data Management Near the User

  • Cloud Applications will Move to a Distributed Model for Service Support at the Edge

We believe the Internet cannot scale without the Service Provider’s Edge

edge gravity news

Real Edge Cloud

service providers

Global Service Providers benefit from an ecosystem of application and content providers delivering new edge services through their last mile networks
  • Expanded Business Opportunities
  • Premium Content Experience
  • Optimize Network Traffic

edge technology vendors

Application and Content Vendors benefit from an ecosystem of service providers for access to global customers at the edge
  • One Stop Access to Global Customers
  • Reduced Fees from Economies of Scale
  • Expanded Offerings with Same Day Delivery

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